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Opening hours

Monday - Sunday
11:15 am - 8:00 pm

About Slice Of Brooklyn

Fast fired, custom made, thin crust pizza. At Slice of Brooklyn, we dish up New Yorkapolitan style pizza's fast baked in a 400 degree oven in 2 minutes. 

We don't use any conditioners, sugar or any of those nasty things in our dough. Unlike those other pizza places which use up to 10 or 15 ingredients, our dough is made fresh on location, using 5 simple ingredients: 00 flour, water, fresh yeast, salt and a drizzle of olive oil.

 Our pizza's are made right in front of you. We dont' hide our pizza making "in the back". We pride ourselves on serving you the cleanest, tastiest ingredients that are so fresh, they need to be slapped. 

We also served air fried chips and chicken fingers, using no deep frying oils.  Air fried foods are up to 40 percent less fat than deep fried versions. 

We also encourage you to ask your pizza place what they put in thier food, because as we say in Brooklyn, if it ain't fresh, FUHGEDDABOUTIT !!

Special Offers

Mini Meal Deal
9 inch personal pizza, plus choice of side dish and a drink for only 18.00
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Combo Add on
Choose a selection of sides and a drink for only $5.50.
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One for me and One for you Deal
2 Personal 9 inch Pizzas, Small Garlic Knots ( or 2 Cookies) and 2 Can's drink or Water for 29.50
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Family Meal Deal
2 Large Pizzas, 2 Personal Pizza, Large Garlic Bread and 4 Cookies for only 59.50. Feeds 4-6 people
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Double Meal Deal
2 Large Pizzas, Garlic Knots and your selection of 2 can Drinks for only 41.50 Serves approx 3.
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Single Meal Deal
Large Pizza with Garlic knots and a choice of can drink for only 21.50
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Opening at TTP Modbury.

We have moved locations to Tea Tree Plaza shopping centre @ Modbury. 

We will be open from Friday December 6th. 

Thanks for your support and patience. 

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